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version 1.8.0

alin•space was written and is maintained with love and care by Alin Andersen. It is powered by ASP.NET Core, PostgreSQL and Nginx running inside isolated docker containers on virtual private Linux servers. The project is sepearted into three parts. This project can be found in this github repository.

alin•space•web is the main web application running ASP.NET Core. It provides the UI via razor pages and implements the upper logic layer. It communicates with the database to create, update, fetch and delete data. This project is currently not public.

alin•space•database provides a container running the underlying database. Currently PostgreSQL is used as the database management system and the Entity Framework (EF) is used as the ORM framework. This project can be found in this github repository.

alin•space•reverseproxy is simply a reverse proxy running Nginx. In order to use Let's Encrypt without the need for rebuilding the docker image, the reverse proxy is separated from the main web application. The reverse proxy handles HTTPS certificates and can provide static files. The certificates are generated on the host system and injected via docker bind-volumes into the docker container. This project can be found in this github repository.

Changelog #

03.02.2021 1.8.0 Changed pages and updated assets.
11.11.2020 1.6.0 Updated structure of the whole alin•space project.
07.11.2020 1.0.0 Re-Birth of alin•space (ASP.NET Core, C#).
... ... A lot of small improvements.
31.12.2017 0.5.0 Birth of alin•space (Django Web-Framework, Python).
Monkeys in Delhi, India.