More about me #

Very early on, I noticed my huge interest in these magical boxes called computers. I clearly remember the first PC I got - it was a used old machine running on Windows 95. Even though we had no internet access at the time, there were so many things to do on that machine: playing card games, minesweeping, and setting up wallpapers and screensavers were most of the things I did at that time. I also remember my dad being angry at me because I never closed any of the windows and the machine got slower and slower.
However, clicking on icons started to get boring very fast, and so I began to dig deeper into the world of software, the language of computers. In school, I started to learn C++ and also started to use Arch Linux instead of Windows. In no time I was far ahead of my own teachers in the understanding of programming languages and operating systems. With the help of the internet, I moved to a new language called C#.
The first real useful program I wrote was a web server in C# using a simple HTTP listener. I remember I implemented a very simple virtual filesystem, which was accessible through the HTTP server, and mapped it to the real filesystem. At the end of high school, we worked on a solution for a network monitoring software.
Then I had my 'everything has to be very performant' phase and I forced myself to write code in plain C. After playing a lot with the graphics API OpenGL and other C libraries, I went to Python and wrote web applications using the Django Web-Framework. When I started studying computer science I notice the huge knowledge gap between students in the first semester. Near the end of my bachelor's degree, I finished the C++ implementation for an interactive implementation of the Growing Neural Gas algorithm. This algorithm was able to rebuild a highly detailed mesh from the ground-up and learn about the topology of the input mesh along the way.
And then I went full circle and came back to C#. I started writing mobile apps using Xamarin and Xamarin-Forms as a freelancer. Then I joined the medical company MED-EL and participated in designing, implementing, and maintaining the apps AudioKey and AudioKey2.

Health #

is extremely important. Keeping track and constantly improving it is a must. We are mortal, and you are given exactly one body. The first and best investment you can make is in yourself. So make sure to be as healthy as possible, and do not rely on any medical care system to keep you alive. We should actively be working towards the prevention of the necessity of any kind of medical care. Obviously, we can not prevent all kinds of illnesses just by being healthy. But we should stay optimistic and do everything in our power to prevent illnesses as much as possible. When I was young, I did not take care of myself, because I was naive, I felt like I had no limits and I was invulnerable. But when you get older, reality hits you hard in the face, and you find out, that you are like everybody else: not invulnerable. Because of my eating habits, I slowly gained weight over the years. My body just didn't know where to put the excessive amount of sugar I ate. The only place it could but it was into my fat cells. Realizing that you are overweight is not a pleasant feeling, and I constantly caught myself denying it. But it does not help to point fingers at anybody and labeling them as 'being guilty of my situation'. Yes, my parents loved me, and hence they let me eat whatever I wanted. Yes, they shouldn't have done that, and yes, I am where I am today because of that. And yes, I have to pay the price for that mistake. Life is unfair, there is nothing you can do about it. But what you can do, is to decide what to make out of the situation. So, I took the matter into my own hands - I went to the gym, I lifted weights, I went for runs every so often and I changed my eating habits. I lost about 20kg in total, and I am still on my way to my goal weight.

Creativity #

is an important trait for me. I found out that creating something artistic helps me to relieve my mind of stress. It also pushes my productivity and motivates me to reach new limits. I am heavily involved in photography and find enormous joy in borrowing amazing and beautiful sceneries with my camera. When I look back at the first photos I made and compare them to the photos of today, I see how much they changed me for the positive. Capturing still images is amazing, don't get me wrong, but there are some things you can not capture with still images. This is why I am also heavily engaged in creating videos, which allows me to express much more of my artistic freedom.

Finance #

is an important pillar for a happy life without worries. Money doesn't buy you happiness - at least not directly. But if you ever were broke, or you grew up in a poor family as I did, you appreciate not having to worry about money. I am trying to save as much as possible, invest as much as possible, and live my life as minimalistic and frugal as possible. I mostly invest in real estate, precious metals, stocks, and ETFs.

Philosophy #

keeps me up at night - I love deep and complex conversations about anything. Being highly skeptical and asking the right, uncomfortable, and hard questions helped me avoid bad ideas and make the right lifestyle choices. What I learned is this: the more books you read, the better decisions you can make in the future. Even better - read books from people you disagree with. Always assume they know something you don't. I actively try to reflect on my own opinions and try to be as rational and unbiased as possible. The Stoic philosophy is a very old and deep understanding of the way we live our lives. It can guide you in the right direction to improve your life for the better - at least that's what it did to me.

End #

Anyway, I think this should be enough information for a short introduction to my character. If you took your time to read all of this then I say: Thank you! I appreciate it and I hope you can find something interesting or useful for yourself here. In the future I am planning on researching and writing more about all of these subjects. I am also thinking of adding a must-read book collection.
See you later, and take care!

Trying to capture the sunset in a hat in India. (Source)